A Boujee By Gigi Epic 


Chapter 1


          Gigi let her head swivel from right to left and then did the same in reverse for what felt like the millionth time in the last five minutes. The truth of it was that she had probably only scanned the room ten times in the last hour, however each time she did this, she had found at least one thing that wasn't exactly lined up the way it was in her head. Gigi was a perfectionist of the highest order, and for the Grand Opening of Boujee by Gigi, nothing short of perfection would be acceptable.

          If someone had asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, the last thing a 10 year old Gigi would have said was that she wanted to take discarded trifles and reforge them into beautiful pieces of jewelry, but now, 20 years later it felt like a calling that had been lying dormant within her soul, waiting for someone or something to open the tiny door that it patiently lingered behind. That long awaited nudge came from not just one person, but three.

          The initial nudge came from her 13 year old son, Ace. A high functioning autistic and likely a genius, Ace had walked in to her bedroom after a 12 hour session of researching everything from The War of 1812 to how to hack into the NSA. During his travels along the roads of the World Wide Web, he had been interrupted by more annoying ads than any 13 year old should have to his opinion...and he came to the conclusion that with his mom's beauty and hustle, his dad's brains, and his perfect combination of both, there was absolutely no reason they couldn't start their own business that would see them become millionaires in no time flat!

          The second nudge that the All Powerful Universe sent her way was from her son's father...or Glue Guy as he was affectionately referred to on most occasions. This pet name was not because he had any special affinity with Elmer's or Gorilla Glue, it was because she had always said that he was the one that held their little family together. If she was the dancing leaves caught in a Spring wind, he was the roots that held the tree in place. Although their storybook meeting and subsequent whirlwind romance hadn't endured the trials and tribulations that come with nearly all relationships; some fires burn so hot that the only thing they can do is engulf themselves and everything around them; their love had gifted them with an amazing child that they both adored more than any two people had ever adored a single thing in the history of the world. And now, after 13 years of trial and error they were best friends, and as close as two people could be without being anatomically joined at the hip. She had told him about her idea. She had rambled on and on as was her usual form of conversation when the two of them spoke. Fifteen minutes of nonstop words flowing from her mouth, bouncing from one idea to the next with no apparent course or destination. This was the way Gigi's mind worked, and other than Ace whose mind worked with a similar speed and unconventional method of reaching its destination, Glue Guy was the only person that could follow her when she was excited. At the end of her rant...even Gigi called them rants...he finally spoke.

          "I think it is a fantastic idea," his deep voice soothing to Gigi as he continued. "And I think you will crush it!"

          Gigi was brought out of her reverie when Ace strolled out of the office with a round, black object in his hand and an enormous smile on his handsome face. "Look what I found in that back closet!" Ace exclaimed, holding the item high in the air like a knight raising his sword before charging into battle. She immediately recognized what he was holding, and a matching smile quickly spread across her beautiful face. Gigi was the kind of beautiful that spanned centuries. She would be just as alluring sitting on a throne during the Renaissance Era as she would playing a role opposite Humphrey Bogart in the Golden Age of cinema. The only trouble with her looks was that she never truly believed that she was beautiful, although Glue Guy often told her that if she had ever realized just how stunning she was, she would have probably ended up being a complete bitch.

          "It's a Magic 8-Ball." she said as she mimicked the act of shaking with her right hand. "You ask it a question. Then you shake it like this and look at the answer on the side with the little window."

          "Oooh," Ace replied, drawing the sound out with a mixture of curiosity fascination. "It's not really magic though, right? There is no such thing as REAL magic."